About Me

Rebecca Hydomako

When I first found yoga, it was just another part of my workout routine. A great way to stretch as well as get strong without any equipment or gym memberships. I had no idea how it would change my life. I was in my early 20's and floundering to find a path, trying to decide on a life long career seemed terrifying. So I decided to start small and simply learn more about something I loved. This is what brought me to my yoga teacher training course. What I got out of those 7 months was incredible. I learned about myself more than anything. Yoga reminds us that we cannot change what has already happened, nor can we control what is to come but we can control our actions in the present moment. Every moment is a chance to let our best self shine through!

~Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light~

-Yogi Bhajan

This quote is close to my heart for many reasons. I fist came across it on an amazing trip to Costa Rica with my mother. Our yoga retreat included a day trip to Jaco beach and this quote was hand written in one of the restaurants. Such a beautiful place to find such a beautiful quote. It is a reminder of what I have gained from my yoga practice, while also how far I still have to go! I have been practicing yoga since 2011 and teaching since 2016. Currently I have my 200 hour RYT certification and am working towards my full 500 hours! Daily I learn how to let go, how to accept, how to love and how to be my truest self. The days that I achieve this, it is a wonderful feeling to spread and be the light. Of course some days are more trying than others...it is a practice! And so I look to share a little of myself and the things that have helped me along my journey in hopes they might help you!